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Close your eyes and imagine a rainbow, set within a rainbow, and then throw in some shades of that rainbow and add it the previously existing rainbow. It’s peaceful, calming and sort of serene. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to open your drawer or your closet and immediately have your eyes drawn to a cornucopia of color in every variance and shade. Your own personal rainbow, but the reality is that most of us can’t afford to have anything in every color, but we can come really close by purchasing the fastest growing and hottest fashion accessory in fashion today.  Any wardrobe can be changed from a fashion no to a fashion yes with fashion tights.

As a working mother, tights have become a main staple in both of my daughter’s wardrobe.  It’s a great accessory it changes the look of each outfit.  It’s always appropriate and they go well with dresses, skirts, and pants. When your daughter is wearing a micro-mini it’s a little added piece of mind. Trust me it’s a lot better than your teenage daughter wearing the mini without a pair of tights. Nowadays you can buy tights with appliqué, with glitter, distressed, laced, patterned, striped or standard. How and what you wear them with is only limited by your imagination. The best part of owning tights is the easy maintenance.

Fashion tights are the easiest and fastest way to own your personal rainbow, a necessary fashion accessory in every color, pattern and shade that you desire, and they are relatively inexpensive.  Tights are usually made from nylon, cotton and a Lycra blend. Lycra allows the fabric to stretch and snap back into place.  Fashion tights can be purchased in almost any retail store. As with anything quality is contingent on cost, fabric and construction of your tights.  

Footless Tights


Footless tights are popular among both children and adults. They can be bought online or in your local stores. However, to find a huge variety, buying footless tights online is the better option.  They are available in all sorts of styles to suit all kinds of personalities. There are neutral colors of black or white for those who are in the professional world. Other footless tights range from red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, orange and the list is endless. If you are bored of plain colors, then you can find footless tights that come in stripes, various patterns such as flowers, polka dots or even tie-dyed.
When shopping for footless tights, always remember that not only is there an excess of colors and designs to choose from, but also there are countless numbers of various materials. Some are made from plain cotton, lace, or even a mixture of spandex and lycra. The best part however, is that the tights are ready to be bought in whatever color and material you prefer.
Fashion experts are not only propping up footless tights as stylish but also as useful. They are helpful when it comes to covering that little waggle in your mid-drift or hiding your legs if you are not confident enough to show them. They are also good to wear with skirts that are a little bit too short or to just keep you warm during the cold weather.
The cost of footless tights varies greatly. Some may be sold for as little as $3 to $4. Others however, may cost as high as $100. The price depends on the company, the style and the quality.
From the way things are happening in the world of fashion, footless tights are here to remain for quite some time. They are more popular because they add a unique aspect to your outfit.

Dance Tights


Ballet tights are mainly worn by ballet dancers. These tights are a customary requirement of dress at ballet schools and also during performances. Ballet tights work in the same way as opaque ones, as they cover each and every part of the leg.Ballet tights form part of the conventional costume worn by ballet performers and other dancers too. They are made of a wide variety of blended fibers such as nylon, lycra and cotton. Tights made of cotton or lycra are more long-lasting and opaque. Special ballet tights are found in plain colors most of the time. Besides ballet, there is a huge range of tights that are used for other forms of dances. These are shimmery, convertible tights, high gloss tights and supplex tights. Dancers are advised to choose the most comfortable type of tights.
There two main types of ballet tights; the footless and the footed. The footless go down from the waist to the ankles. The footed however, go down from the waist and cover the whole foot including the toes. Ballet tights for men and women are available in different sizes, styles and colors. The most common colors for these tights are black, white, pink and suntan. Dancers usually avoid wearing a costume that is black from head to toe as it conceals their graceful movements.
The seamed convertible tights are made of soft, absorbent and stretchable fibre, and they are mainly worn by professional ballet dancers. Majority of ballet dancers prefer to wear the stretchable and footed ballet tights.
If you are interested in buying ballet tights, you will find a huge number of retail and online shops that provide ballet tights as well as other dance costumes. Remember to choose ballet tights that will give you the most comfortable fit and aid you in moving easily while dancing.


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